Stacey K. Miles, owner of Uniquely, I Do, is honored to be part of her couple’s Happily Ever Afters. A published author {in what now feels like another life, since weddings turned her down a completely different path} she is honored to be part of a couples’ special day, and loves writing ceremonies that are a telling of her couple’s love, union and life to come.

She works closely with her couples, listens to their ideas, visions, dreams, and wants. From simple civil wedding vows to extravagant fairy tale weddings, from back yard weddings to wild and crazy wedding events, Stacey will officiate your wedding your way.  Not just a wedding officiant, Stacey also owns Stone Ridge Event Center and Stone Ridge Estates, the Tri-Cities’ newest wedding venue.

Stacey is often asked how she can perform so many different types of weddings for so many different types of people. Stacey is a secular inter-faith ordained minister and  does not judge, does not hold her beliefs higher than those of others, nor does she wish to impose her beliefs, thoughts and ideas on others. She comes to you as your Wedding Officiant with an open heart and is open to your dreams, your religions, your ideals, your beliefs, your love, your uniqueness.

Stacey’s most unique wedding experience so far? She married a couple on stage at the Knitting Factory in Spokane, WA during a Lacuna Coil rock concert!



Call/Text 509-948-6974



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Glenda {Ana} Rodriquez

From the desert of Arizona to the evergreen state in 2008, from a Mexican background with Spanish as her first language, Glenda {Ana} is fluent in both Spanish and English. Married with 3 boys, Glenda started working for Uniquely, I Do a few years ago greeting brides at wedding tours. Her bright smile and charming personality made her a perfect addition to the Uniquely, I Do’s team of officiants.

Glenda will customize vows to every couples needs, big or small, English or Spanish. She is an open hearted person and will help you make your day a day to remember.

Glenda’s most unique wedding experience so far? She went down the aisle at a country wedding in Mesa on the top of a DANCING HORSE!

“Existen todo tipo de amor en este mundo, pero nunca el mismo amor dos veces.” “There exists all kinds of love in this world, but never the same love twice.”

“Que su vida juntos este llena de amor, y su amor lleno de vida” (English) “May your life together be full of love and your love be full of life.”


Call/Text: 509-392-2691


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Arthur is a new addition to Uniquely, I Do’s team of officiants, and we are thrilled to have found him! His years of experience working successfully with a diversity of persons in business and education equips him with the skills needed to assist in, support, and perform a variety of marital plans.

Rain or sunshine, his professionalism and enthusiastic “ready…let’s go” attitude will help make your special day…very special.



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Regrettably, Betty & Michael have retired from officiating. We loved having them part of the UID team for so many years, and they are missed greatly!

We are in the process of bringing some new, awesome, talented officiants to the Uniquely, I Do team so we can provide outstanding wedding ceremonies for all our couples, and hopefully not have to turn anyone away. In the event we are not available for your date, we will provide you a referral to an officiant who we love and trust.


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