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 Jesus & Yuriana 03-19-2011 On an unusually warm and gorgeous March day (a wonderful beginning to this marriage!), Jesus and Yuriana had a beautiful backyard wedding ceremony in Pasco, WA Rev. Stacey Miles officiated and Rev. Esther Hatton interpreted the ceremony.   The Ceremony:   Welcome family and friends. We have gathered here in this beautiful setting, in the presence of God and these witnesses to celebrate the joining of Jesus and Yuriana in the unity of marriage. We are grateful we can all be together on this joyous occasion and have the opportunity to share our love and energy with the bride and groom. Bienbenidos familia y amigos.  En este lugar bonito y sagrado en la presencia de familia y amistades y en la luz y la presencia de Dios, compartiremos esta union entre Jesus y Yuriana. Today we celebrate the miracle of love.  In a moment our lives can change.  Jesus and Yuriana you are together in a special way that’s not like the way you’ve ever been with anyone else. You’ve crossed many bridges, overcome many obstacles and love has made you each stronger. Hoy celebramos el milagro del amor.  Estamos aqui para celebrar los Milagros que ocurren en cada momento y lo inesperado que puede cambiar cuando menos lo esparamos.  Los pasos que escojemos ahora cambia nuestra vida entera . Jesus and Yuriana love is a gift. Love is a miracle. Open your heart, your hands, your eyes and allow the radiance of this miracle to utterly and endlessly illuminate you.  Jesus y Yuriana el amor es un regalo. El amor es un milagro. Abran su corazon, sus manos, sus ojos y permitan que este milagro  los illumine para toda infinidad. This special love that you feel has brought you to this moment, to become husband and wife.El amor especial que ustedes tienen los han traido a este momento para que sean esposo y esposa. So I ask now, Así pues, ahora les pido. Jesus/Yuriana to please repeat after me: Jesus/Yuriana repitan despues de mi: This is my solemn promise. Esta es mi promesa solemne. I Jesus take you, Yuriand, to be my wife/husband, Yo Jesus te tomo Yuriana para que seas mi esposa/esposo,  to have and to hold from this day forward, para tener y sostener hoy  y en adelante, in wealth or poverty, sickness or in health, para bien o para mal, en riqueza o pobreza,  to love and to respect, until the death separates to us. en salud o enfermedad, para amar y respetar, hasta que la muerte nos separe. [Repeat same for Bride/Groom] Please place the wedding rings in my hand. Porfavor  ponga los anillos de bodas en la mano de Stacey. Bless these rings, a forever be a symbol of the union between Jesus and Yuriana in marriage. Bendiga estos anillos, significando la union de este hombre y esta mujer en matrimonio. Jesus/Yuriana please place this ring on your Groom/Bride’s finger and repeat after me: Jesus/Yuriana repitan despues de mi: “With this ring I thee wed, pledging to all my love.” “Con este anillo me caso contigo, prometiéndote todo mi amor.” [Repeat same for Bride/Groom] From this moment forth I ask you both to remember these vows, this commitment, and the meaning of your rings you now wear.  Desde este momento en adelante les pido que recuerden sus votos, de este compromiso, y el significado de los anillos. Jesus and Yuriana, by the power vested in me, I pronounce you husband and wife. Jesus y Yuriana, por el poder que me confiere, Yo declaro marido y mujer.   Jesus you may kiss your bride. Jesus puede besar a su Novia. Family and friends, I present Mr. & Mrs…  Familia y amistades, les presento al Sr. y la Sra…

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